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Are mastery paths still not working with new quizzes?

Based on what I've read and seen in class, mastery paths still aren't visible to students after taking one of the new quizzes... is that right?  So, even though I have them set up on my end, students don't see the linked content.

Is there a workaround that isn't "use the old version of quizzes?"

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Community Team
Community Team

Are your students encountering this issue right now New Quizzes in Mastery Paths, @mreel ? Mastery Paths is listed as available functionality in the Canvas New Quizzes Feature Comparison but there is also a current known issue when "Move through items in sequential order" is enabled:  New Quizzes with Mastery Paths and module requirem...

That may not be associated with what you've described, and since the item is marked on our feature comparison document as available, we'd appreciate it if you would send a ticket to Canvas Support should a student run into the issue: How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?  provides instructions for the teacher, but if your school allows students to send in help tickets, theirs would be very helpful.


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I had students unable to access the connected material today.


I have a new quiz, with a mastery path for 7/10 to go to assignment.  Students took the quiz, earned 10/10, but could not get to the linked assignment.  In the past there would be a "Next" button or something for them to click on... nothing came up for them at all.


I have triple checked and everything is published.

@mreel Please report this to Canvas Support through the pathway provided by your school. Thanks!