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Are you using badges with Canvas?


We are looking to explore badges in Canvas to help award credit to our faculty and staff for their professional development efforts. Is anyone doing this, or successfully awarding badges in Canvas for any other purpose? What app are you using? How did you get started? In particular, I'd be interested in how you had get approval to make this happen.

Thank you!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

morris_admin​, We are only in the beginning stages of using Badges for training and professional development - no real need for approval because I'm the one in charge of faculty professional development and student training & Canvas - but here are some great resources to get you started!

In general I've found  @jward ​ to be a great resource for badges in Canvas and I went through his other free course and got a lot out of it!

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Thanks for your direction,  @kona ! I'd love to hear about your experiences once you are further along. The person in charge of our IT data and security has some concerns about using Canvabadges, especially given the lack of Terms of Service and a lack of clarity/transparency about what is being done with the data collected. I'm guessing you didn't run into similar concerns?  @jward , do you have any thoughts on this?

We're looking into other solutions right now, perhaps using WordPress and BadgeStack.  I'll check out the courses though, in case Canvabadges does become a  viable option.

Hey morris_admin​, I haven't heard anyone else ask about a ToS with Canvabadges, though this is a very valid concern. I'll see what I can find out and get back to you on that one. Speaking to your original question of how to manage badges, the course I teach on how to use badges for learning utilizes badges to reward teachers who work through the course. The expectation is that they will take their digital badges and store them in Mozilla Backpack to share with the world as they see fit.

Another option I have worked on involves teacher professional development. I wanted to track ALL awarded badges in that course, so the plan was to keep a single course that never closes and add new users to sections so that they could track through the course with a "cohort" but I could manage all of the badges over time in one place.

Both of these solutions were build with Canvabadges, though am sure you could make BadgeSage or BadgeStack work as well.

I hope that helps. I'm always happy to chat more if you like.


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​Hi jessica

planning to develop badges to accredit both staff and student digital skills. Not quite sure what form it will take but an outline presentation for staff CPD Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

I've put lots of links on scoopIT for digital badges Open Badges, badges, badges, badges.... |

some really clever ideas from US here Chart the Course for Your Own Professional Learning |

Thank you, Gideon! Some great resources to look at here.

Any time Jess. keen to get this going at our place if /when we choose Canvas as our VLE. Be good to share any stuff..