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Articulate Storyline Content in Canvas Mobile App


I am fairly new to Canvas and am trying to find a way to integrate the interactivity of Storyline content into my canvas courses - but they still need to be viewed on the mobile app! They content does not necessarily need to report back to Canvas so doesn't have to be SCORM.

I have managed to get content to play in Canvas via the SCORM integration or by uploading as a file and linking to the story.html5 file, however neither of these options seem to play when viewed in the mobile app. I am debating hosting elsewhere and trying to embed, but just wondered if anyone had had success in doing this?

Many thanks Smiley Happy 

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Hi  @hattie_abretti  Welcome to the worldwide Canvas Community.  It's not your first post here, but it does not appear that you received a Welcome badge yet, so even though I'm not going to be able to answer your question, I can at least do that!

I will tag resident mobile expert  @rseilham ‌ .  (Sorry, Ryan! We never met in person, and here I am tagging you again in a discussion!) It looks like you posted a similar question in the Canvas Mobile Users group, so Ryan will likely catch it there, as well. Ryan has far more knowledge of mobile apps than myself, and I know we have both been involved in a past discussion of using SCORM.  About the best I can offer--using my own past knowledge of seeing things mentioned in this Community and a few searches--is at least point you towards few past discussions that, I'm afraid, are not going to do too much to raise your expectations but will at least demonstrate you are in good company:

So this appears to be an ongoing concern for folks, and let's hope that the development team may be able to come up with some solutions or (as indicated in a previous discussion Ryan and I were involved in) that HTML5 compliance may help in the future.

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Thank you for your reply  @kblack ! I've had a look through the links you gave and it does seem as though its a long standing issue. It's frustrating as I feel the interactivity is needed for the courses I am developing. I will continue to see if I ca find a solution...I'm wondering about hosting elsewhere and embedding in Canvas in an iframe but still not convinced it will play!

Hi  @hattie_abretti ‌: 

Which app, iOS or Android? I've seen this a few times in the community, but unfortunately I don't have any experience with Storyline, or any access to the software. Maybe you can post an example on here for me to test out? 

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I just wanted to add that we too are incredibly frustrated by the Canvas app inability to play Captivate or Articulate files. They both work great when accessing Canvas through a mobile browser. Please development team can we make this a priority!!

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Hi  @rseilham , thanks for your reply and sorry for my delayed response - have been on holiday! I have been testing in the Android App but will eventually need whatever solution I come up with to work in iOS and Android. I'll find a little demo and post it for you later today. Thanks for your help!!

 @rseilham ‌, I have attached a demo file of Storyline content for you to have a play with. One has been published as a SCORM (so should report back to Canvas), the other is published as web content. I don't necessarily need content to report back as long as it plays as will not form part of assessment. 

Thank you so much for your help, 


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Community Coach

 @hattie_abretti ‌,

Even though it looks like I'm being quiet about this, I have been working behind the scenes to find a solution, workaround, or explanation. So far, my search hasn't brought up anything that will work. I can understand how it's frustrating to create content in a universally accepted format (HTML5) and for it to not work on a mobile device in the app. 

My suggestion at this point, also with consulting with the mobile team itself, is to put in a ticket. This seems more like a bug than a lack of a feature. If you can put in a ticket with Canvas directly that will be your best bet. If not, you can use the feedback inside the app itself, but I highly suggest this issue gets in front of Canvas support. I'm going to put in a ticket on our end and anyone else who sees this should do the same. Numbers matter. 

If I find anything else, I'll update this thread. Thanks. 

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Thank you Ryan, I have submitted a ticket - fingers crossed!

Hi  @rseilham ‌, After a few back and forths with Support, this is what they have come back with: 

'Scorm is too robust for the current Canvas mobile app architecture so it won't work.  To be completely honest, this probably won't change anytime soon.  I'm sure you're aware that we don't actually support the mobile browser but if that works, that would be your only option for now if you need these Scorm packages in your course.  I apologize for the inconvenience here.' 

 So not hugely helpful for the time being... I'm going to continue to investigate hosting elsewhere and embedding, fairly frustrating though as the interactivity created through the SCORM/HTML5 content is a huge hook for our learners. Smiley Sad