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Articulate Storyline Content in Canvas Mobile App


I am fairly new to Canvas and am trying to find a way to integrate the interactivity of Storyline content into my canvas courses - but they still need to be viewed on the mobile app! They content does not necessarily need to report back to Canvas so doesn't have to be SCORM.

I have managed to get content to play in Canvas via the SCORM integration or by uploading as a file and linking to the story.html5 file, however neither of these options seem to play when viewed in the mobile app. I am debating hosting elsewhere and trying to embed, but just wondered if anyone had had success in doing this?

Many thanks Smiley Happy 

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Hi Hattie,

I am looking for a way to embed Articulate Storyline on Canvas page instead of using the SCORM package as an assignment since the Storyline is designed as an activity instead of a graded assignment/assessment. I found the way to iframe the story.html file on Canvas page. However, it does not work in the Canvas app. I saw your post saying that you got the HTML5 content to play via the mobile app successfully. So I am wondering whether you can share your approach with me? Thank you!



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A workaround for this issue is to publish your Storyline projects to Review, then import them into a Rise Course. Then, share the link to the Rise course. Students will be able to access the Storyline courses via the Rise course in the Student Mobile App.

An important consideration for this is that the Rise link can easily be shared; so, if you're worried about people gaining access to your stuff, then this probably isn't the best option. You can add a password, but this can also be shared with the link...