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Articulate font and menu issues

We have a client who is looking to update an Articulate Storyline file with more current Covid related content in our staff-facing instance of Canvas. This is an existing course with active users, one module is being updated.
When the zip. file (published for Web) is uploaded as a file or embedded in a page the font gets jumbled (Whitney font, organization standard and used across all content) and the menu is blacked out although still clickable. (see image)

When the file is uploaded as a SCORM ungraded assignment the content shows up perfectly. However, every time the content is changed (which we anticipate to be semi-regularly because of emergent Covid information) an auto-mass message is sent to everyone who has taken the course and tells them they are now "incomplete". For us this is 19,000+ people... For this reason we cannot proceed with the SCORM option and woudl like to return to the embedded file approach.

Are there any ideas or option re: what we can do within Canvas to test or troubleshoot? I have tried uploading the content without images, modified the font, tried old files. When viewing the content in Articulate, there are no issues. We are publishing content the way we always do and there are only select files that are experiencing this issue so we cannot be sure if this is an issue within the Canvas or Articulate space (or an interaction of the two).

Any support and advice is appreciated.SRS Troublshooting Issue.png

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @akulesza ...

I realized it's been a couple months since you first posted this question, but I wanted to point you to a similar topic here in the Community that has had quite a bit of activity, and I think it *may* help to answer your question.  Please check out: Solved: Storyline 360 Content Not loading Properly - Canvas Community.

Hopefully this will also be of help to you.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take well.

Hello! Thanks for the link to that thread. I'll dive in and see if it works for our clients. Last I heard their course started functioning without error... strange stuff!