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As an Instructor, I cannot see the button to download submissions for assignments. Any suggestions?

I am an instructor in canvas. I have read the guide about downloading student submissions for an assignment, however it doesn't help. 

When I sign into Canvas, I go to Assignments, I click the name of the Assignment, and I can edit the description and such but I see nothing about downloading submissions.

Again, when I am on the main Assignments page, I click the three dots to expand the menu and there is nothing about submissions. When I go to edit the assignment, I cannot change the group because it says there are submissions already for the assignment so I know they are there somewhere.

Any help? 

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Hello Kevin,

Have you clicked on the "Speedgrader" link on the upper right of the assignment? 

You will only see the "Download Submissions" option if the assignment was of type "Online":

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 2.13.37 PM.png