Assigning ONLY some students NOT all to an assignment

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Is there a way to create a 'Group' (five students) instead of 'Everyone' (all students) when making an assignment? So that I do not have to individually assign assignments to only 5 students every time I make an assignment?

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Yes - There are 2 ways.

I do not know what the visibility of students in the group to others in the group will be.

1) You can use the groups feature. 

Go to the people page, click on + Group Set and create a group set name and select I'll create groups later
Save that group set.  Then you will be able to select the group set at the top of the page.  You will then need to add a group to that group set so click on +Group to create a name
Exapnd the group out by clicking on the arrow then drag and drop students into the group

Now you can go to the assignment page and select This is a group assignment and that assign grades to student individually (I am assuming that this means each student can get a separate grade - not sure if they can submit different assignments.  Someone else can chime in on this feature - I do not use groups)
In the assign to area you should see a major heading for groups and your group name under that - select that group and you are good to go.

2) If you don't care if students know you are putting them in a special group, then create sections for the students - this requires an invite to the student and they have to accept.  

go to the settings link for the course and click on the sections option at the top
in the box for adding a new section, type in a name and click on +section to create the section
Then go to the people page and click on +people.  put in the student information for each student, select role of student and then under the section, select the section to enroll them into.  Click on next and then add users.  Once they accept they will be in that section and then you add the section into assignments in the same manner as the groups or other cross-listed sections or people

This information is a good start, there might be better explanations available.  Like I said at the top it really all depends on if you want them to know the other students in that special group and if they have to do their own work.  You may have to experiment with it with a few of your colleagues as students in your course first.




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