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Assignment Downloads

I have searched and can't seem to find an answer to this question: Is there a way to download all assignment submissions at one time without changing the filename?

Canvas is appending the students' names, user number, and some other number to each file. I tried turning on anonymous grading, but that's not working for me either.

Changing the filenames is troublesome for program files that depend on the exact filename to run properly. Any tips for preventing Canvas from altering the filename would be greatly appreciated.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @garciah ‌, unfortunately no, there isn't a way to change the way Canvas names assignments that are downloaded in bulk. The only way to save the name that I'm aware of is to download files individually. 

Community Champion

I've run into this problem myself - Five years ago I found a (free) program called Bulk Rename Utility that helps out after the download.

Here was my write up - Changing many file names at once using Bulk Rename Utility | Something to Share 

Thanks for sharing! That looks like a great tool.

 @victoria-maloy , does the application of this renaming utility interfere with the bulk re-upload?

Community Champion

Our workaround, for now, in case anyone finds it useful, is to have students upload their files in a zipped folder. That way, although the folder name is changed, the files themselves are not renamed by Canvas.

Yes, it breaks completely ("If the file names are changed, please rename them to match how they appeared in the download. With different file names, Canvas will not be able to recognize the files that should be replaced." How do I upload all student submissions for an assignment in the Gradebook? ). 

How can we make this a genuine feature request. A simple check/uncheck preference like "Download Submissions with original filenames" would save the day.

This, frankly, is a bug. Because the filenamess don't even have the same number of characters appended, it makes it super-annoying to rename using most utilities.