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Assignment Groups

it seems the view of assignments at a glance includes points, due date...
but NOT what assignment group it is in. 

Unless I go to EDIT ASSIGNMENT is when I would see what assignment group it is in?

could it be possible to include this info on assignment group in the summary view?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, @Haidsong ...

The "groups" terminology within Canvas can be a bit let me try and explain.

Assignment Groups within Canvas are set up on the "Assignments" index page.  How do I use the Assignments Index Page? - Canvas Community  Assignment Groups are generally used by the instructor to group similar assignments together...and possibly weight those sets of assignments.  So, for example, you may have a group of written assignments with a grade weight of 70% for the entire class, and you may have another group for all your quizzes which are worth 30% of the grade...for a grand total of 100%.  You can read more about how to set up Assignment Groups by checking out these Guides:

When you edit the assignment details, you'll notice that you can assign Groups to a given assignment.  This is different than what I've explained above...and sometimes where there can be confusion.  These are student groups that you have set up for the assignment.  For example, if you have 20 students in your course, and you want the assignment to be a group project, you could create five groups of four students for this particular project.  One way to set up these student groups is to first go to your "People" page of your course, then click on the "+ Group Set" button.  You could name the "Group Set" the same as your assignment keep things simple.  Then, once the "Group Set" is created, you would create the student groups within that "Group Set"...for example: Blue Team, Green Team, Red Team, Yellow Team, Purple Team.  You can even assign students to each of these groups within the "Group Set".  Then, back in the actual assignment when you are editing the assignment details, when you select that the assignment is a group assignment, you would choose the "Group Set" assignment name that you created on your "People" page.  Canvas does the rest for you...since it knows which student are assigned to each of the five groups that you created in that "Group Set".  You could repeat a similar process for another assignment...creating a new "Group Set" if you wanted...and creating a completely different set of group within that "Group Set"....just for this particular assignment.  There are several written Guides on Groups that you can look through for more info on this.

All this is to say that, no, the student groups that you create are not displayed on the "Assignments" index page of your course.  However, the Assignment Groups that you create on your "Assignments" index page are there...and you always have to have at least one Assignment Group on your "Assignments" index page...even if you aren't weighting your grades.  If you wanted to see the "Group Set" or actual group names listed on the "Assignments" index page, you'd need to submit this as a Feature Idea here in the Community...which you can do by clicking on the PRODUCT menu at the top of any Community page and then selecting IDEA CONVERSATIONS.  Then, on the page that appears, click "Suggest an idea".  Use these Guides as you are formulating your idea:

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.