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Assignment Resubmission grade

Thanks for adding that option for students to resubmit their assignment.  My question is:

a) When instructors request students to resubmit, what do students view as a resubmission request?  Do they receive a notification via email?

b) If student receives the resubmission request, what will they see in their gradebook?  Is it the grade from the old assignment that the teacher posted or will it reset the grade?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @divyarb1 ...

I assume you are referring to the Submission Reassignments mentioned in the Canvas Release Notes (2021-03-20) - Canvas Community?  If so, you might want to post your questions there so that Erin Hallmark from the Documents Team can help address those questions.

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Thanks @chofer.  I am new to forum and glad to receive that direction