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Assignment failed to submit

Hello! I have to copy and paste a website URL that my professor emailed. I tried submitting it but it says assignment failed to submit. Please help. Thanks

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @tresellecanares ,

Welcome to the Canvas Community!!!

Can you please let us know what browser you were using when you tried to submit the assignment?  Also, I would recommend contacting your instructor as well just to inform them that you are having issues with the assignment.  There is a chance other students are having issues as well.

Here are some troubleshooting steps:



These are all great suggestions! The other possible issue I've seen a time or two has to do with submission time. If you opened the assignment page before the time the assignment was due but didn't click to submit it until after the deadline, you'd get an error telling you the assignment couldn't be submitted. For example, if your assignment was due at midnight, you opened the assignment page at 11:58, but didn't click to submit until 12:01, you'd get an error!

All the best,