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Assignment not visible to students even though it is published.

An instructor had created an assignment say at 11am this morning. They had published it, set a due date, no availability or until dates, and the assignment was not in a module.

The hour after it was created and published the students still could not see it. The Assignments button even had the eye with a line through it, even though there was a published assignment.


We had to go into the course navigation disable and enable the Assignments tab to get it to be visible to the students.

Is there just a delay in Canvas where it takes a while for it to show to students or is a bug?

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

@bmartinda  This is consistent with Canvas design. The instructor needs to provide students access to the assignment from somewhere; typically, this is done by dropping the link to the assignment into a module. If the link is not in a module or anywhere else in the course (for example, in an announcement), and the assignments tab is disabled in the course navigation, students will not be able to see it or locate it.

Also, the eyeball next to a non-activated Assignments course navigation link will not disappear because an assignment has been created; the link first needs to be enabled through course settings, as you have done after the fact.

If the teacher needs additional assistance in organizing the course and its assignments, please invite them to post their questions here! 

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