Assignment report - API or Canvas Data portal?

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Hi there, 

I'm a complete beginner with Canvas API and Canvas Data Portal - I was wondering if anyone could help me in how I would use either to run a report that would show me the following information for assignments from all courses, if possible with me being able to select the time period to run the report from e.g. from 30 days ago to now or a time range etc. (selecting the time period would help alleviate too much data being returned and crashing the report.) 

  • Course title 
  • Course name 
  • Sub-account name 
  • Assignment title 
  • Assignment publish status 
  • Assignment from date 
  • Assignment due date 
  • Assignment until date 
  • Assignment type 
  • Date assignment added to course 
  • Assignment group title (key information)

The ‘Assignment group title’ is a key piece of information that would have priority in being returned in this report. 


Many thanks!