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Assignments Appearing as Not Yet Assessed in Learning Mastery Gradebook

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How come my assignments are being treated as "Not Yet Assessed" in the Learning Mastery Gradebook? 322443_pastedImage_1.png

In Student View, when I click on Quiz 1 (P1-P4) I am able to see that the Test Student has earned 15 Points and I am able to see the rubric which was used to score the assignment322444_pastedImage_2.png

However the student still sees the outcomes (P1 for instance) as "Not Mastered". 

And while we're at it, is there anything that can be done to make the above screen look nicer? 

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Hi All, 

 I was able to find a fix! Somehow the assignments are muted, and to allow students to see that they have been assessed you have to go to 

Gradebook >> Individual View >> Select each assignment individually >> Muted? >> Unmute Assignment

After each assignment is unmuted, students should be able to see their performance. 

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I'm having the same problem in student view. 

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Me too. Are you on the New Gradebook by any chance?

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It's an issue with the new gradebook transition. I there's an open Engineering ticket for it so hopefully a fix is coming soon. 

A workaround is reverting back to the old gradebook. That fixed it for me.

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This is happening to one of our instructors also.  I'm going to put in a ticket, but before I recommend switching back to the old gradebook, did that switch back to the old gradebook cause any other issues?


Only that they needed to go through and unmute the assignments. Otherwise, you just have to deal without the improvements in the New Gradebook. Also, if they’ve used certain features in the new grade book they won’t be able to revert.

There’s already an engineering ticket open. They said they could just attach me to it so I’d get notified when it got fixed.

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Hi Matt, I would switch back to the old gradebook, but I believe our institution has us locked down on the "New Gradebook". 

Yeah, if you’ve already started using the features you can’t revert.

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Same problem. Students can't see their Learning Mastery scores on their end (appears as not assessed yet), but I can see scores as instructor. Using New Gradebook (can't revert). Any idea about an estimated time of fix? Thanks!

No estimate. I’ll post here when it’s fixed. If you can switch back to the old gradebook it’ll solve the issue.