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Assignments Tab freezes when trying to scroll

I have seen several of my courses and other user's courses load slowly when using the Assignments tab. If I scroll down on the page, usually about halfway, is when the page freezes. Sometimes it may be for a few seconds, others a few minutes, and sometimes I even get a "Page Not Responsive" message. This only happens if the Assignments tab is being utilized. I have attached a picture of when I have seen the message appear. 

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Hi Zach, I have never encountered this except when scrolling through 'Page Views', and then only for brief moments while it loads. So, my first thoughts are, it is either a bandwidth issue, or a browser issue. Can you share what kind or internet connection you are using when this happens, and what browser and version of the browser you are using when this happens.

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 @zmalchow ‌,

This occurred to us in one of our courses.  For us, it was a "Script Unresponsive" error in Firefox that kept appearing on the page.  After a lot of investigation, we were finally able to find out from Instructure that this was due to the amount of assignments that are in the course. For perspective, this course had several 3rd party apps that plugged into it, in addition to a daily breakdown of activity/participation on top of a normal litany of assignments. 

Long story short, we found that the more assignments you add to a course, the longer it will take to load the content, and the more frequently the page will fail.  On the other hand, we have found Modules to be more dependable and reliable in loading the content. 

I hope this helps.


Yes, we have seen the same thing.

I work for a digital solutions company that uses Canvas to host the courses for our instructors. Many of our instructors use the assignment tab. We have worked with them to move to Modules but this causes issues for teachers who are in an existing course. 

I am hoping this can, in some way, be addressed by Canvas to assist with the loading and/or message teachers receive in their course. 

As I mentioned below, I work for a digital solutions company that uses Canvas to host courses for many schools across the US. This has been experienced by our team "in-house" and we all use varying connections (Wi-Fi, ethernet) and also use different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge) with various versions of those browsers. This also occurs for many of out teachers across the US who I am assuming use various browser, connection speeds, and other things. This leads me to believe that, as Jason mentioned below, it has something to do with the amount of activities in some user's course. Because we cannot control what teacher's decide to add/remove from their courses I am hoping this can, in some way, be addressed by Canvas to assist with the loading and/or message teachers receive in their course.

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Hi Zach Malchow, thanks for the detailed explanation of use. I'm admin at a community college, where we don't typically use that number and depth of assignments. As I said "I haven't experienced it", so I am happy to understand the scenario where this happens.  Thanks for the heads up about this issue, and I hope that Support is responsive.

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I would hope so too, but at least at this point, we were advised to use modules instead of the assignments tab.  If it helps at all, we have tried various browsers and Chrome seems to be the most stable (however, the bar is set pretty low at this point so don't expect too much). 

Good luck. 

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 @zmalchow ,

This sounds eerily like another thread a couple of weeks ago: API Timeout  and another reason for not sending all of the information about an assignment, but sending just the part that is needed.

There I did an analysis and discovered that discussions with lots of equations in it were causing a timeout issue. It turns out that Canvas delivers the entire assignment description when you fetch a list of assignments. With discussions, it returned that body as part of the description for the assignment and as the message for the discussion. It was doing some processing with the equations, perhaps adding MathML, and doing it twice, and it was causing the timeout.

Using assignments that had descriptions (assignment instructions) with the same byte-count but without the equations did not cause a slow down. I imagine that Canvas is doing some additional processing on other kinds of things as well -- for instance media or external tools.

It may be a combination of number of assignments as well as what's in the assignment. This semester, I'm trying putting lengthy assignment instructions into a separate content page. I'm not far enough in to see if it's helpful.

Another issue may be related to caching. Canvas caches some recent requests, so the second time you load the assignments page, it may be much faster than the first time. That makes debugging the issue a bit harder.

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Same here!  Had this happen to one of my teachers, he had lots off links to his Google Drive and set them up as cloud assignments.  You just need to wait a bit for everything to load then the screen would not freeze when scrolling up and down.  Not fun but workable.

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 @zmalchow ,

Were you able to find an answer to your question? I am going to go ahead and mark this question as answered because there hasn't been any more activity in a while so I assume that you have the information that you need. If you still have a question about this or if you have information that you would like to share with the community, by all means, please do come back and leave a comment.  Also, if this question has been answered by one of the previous replies, please feel free to mark that answer as correct.