Assignments not showing in gradebook

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I have several quizzes that are posted, are set as graded quizzes, have been graded, are in modules that are posted and green, and yet nothing is showing in the grade book. I have read hours worth of information and still cannot figure out why my canvas is not posting my grades, nor do I even see 1 assignment listed in the gradebook. Please help!

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The gradebook has filters by module and by assignment group.  The default is usually to show all assignments, but you (or an admin setting up your account) could set a filter in a way that does not include any content for the gradebook.  For example, if you have a module with start-up information and now graded activities, and the gradebook module filter is focused on that module, then nothing will display except the totals.  This can be corrected using the drop down boxes for those filters.  The option at the top of each filter should be to show all. 

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