Assistance with running an active course report for the 19-20 year showing the teacher name assigned to the course

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I need to run a report that will shows all of the active courses for all schools along with the teachers assigned to them for this current term 2019-2020.

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Many people use their student information system (SIS) for this report.

If you want to get it out of Canvas, then you can use the provisioning report, but you will need to join the CSV files together as each CSV contains only a portion of the data you want. You could also bring in the User Course Access Log report to get their last activity.

Some people try to use Excel to merge all that data together into a single report. Here's a document I wrote for a similar task: 

If you have Python installed somewhere, the Q - Run SQL directly on CSV of TSV files is a handy utility that lets you combine the data and get the fields you need without having to load them into a database. I have an example somewhere here in the Community but cannot find it right now.

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