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Attaching Multiple Image Files

I have recently seen a student post several images at once in a discussion page on canvas. However, whenever I go to upload multiple images, I can only select one. How can I fix this?

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Hi  @jc0849406  Welcome to the Canvas Community. I think the keyword in your question is "images."  While you cannot attach more than one file in a Discussion post or reply, students (and you, as the instructor) can embed more than one image within the rich content editor.  From the student's perspective, this is covered here: How do I embed an image in a discussion reply as a student?   Your view is much the same, though you have the added benefit of being able to embed images from your FILES area:  To embed more than one, it's simply just doing the same process again, either by hitting ENTER on your keyboard or typing more text and then embedding an image again.

I hope this helps, Jordan!

it doesn't help at all. either way, if you want to post 100 pictures, you have to click 100 times, whether uploading or embedding. We want to select 100 files, and drag and drop ALL of them at ONE time.

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Right there with you @tmcelearney . I can create a file and drag and drop those images at once from my computer into the file in Canvas, but if I want to embed each image in a Canvas page? Break out the prednisone because we're going to be clicking for a while.

This just seems like an intuitively simple thing for Canvas to allow. Just let me hold shift or ctrl and select more than one image...