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Attendance Report

I need to print an attendance report for a single student in a class.  This is a common request.  Admissions and Records may require an attendance report for a student when changing a grade, for financial aid, etc.  I can print an attendance report for an entire class, but can't see how to print a report just for a single student.

Instructions on how to do this would be appreciated.

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Hi  @smoss ‌ - You should definitely be able to run an Attendance Report for just one student by inputting that student's SIS Student ID, as shown on the third screen capture on this page:   I just tried it in a sample course site, and it worked fine.  The SIS ID number for the student in question should be able to be seen on your People page.

Hope this helps!

I didn't input any Student IDs number into my roll.  Just their names and emails.  I also don't see how I can add a SIS.


Be sure you follow the steps outlined on that page, Elise.  Are you sure we're talking about the same attendance report in Canvas?  There is no way in the Roll Call attendance report to input names and emails.  Could this be a separate plug-in program that your institution uses, perhaps?  If so, you may want to contact someone in your IT area.

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I read the page.  I was able to run a report for any entire class, but my students don't have any SIS values filled in.  When I added them to the roster I just used their emails and names.  I don't see any where to add that information.  My college is currently evaluating Canvas to purchase a subscription so teachers who are using it don't get IT support.  Regardless, my IT department would not be able to figure out how to run a report without an SIS.

So, how can I run an attendance report on a single student without using the SIS since I don't have that data available - only a name and email address?

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(original image edited to redact any personally identifying information)

This is what my People table looks like.  Note the SIS ID field is EMPTY for every student.  Therefore, I can not use the SIS ID to run an attendance report for a single student.

This is why I posted the question.  It appears Canvas requires information I do not have in order to run the report.

Ah, okay.  So without integration with any SIS, this may not be possible, then.  My apologies.  About the only thing you likely can do under this circumstance is what you're doing already:  download the entire report and do a quick SORT on the column with the name.  About the only other tip I know--and you may have tried this already--is within the Attendance tool itself you can hover over the More icon next to an individual student's name and retrieve a summary/number of absences, tardies, etc.  (See the very last screen capture on this page; ignore the bit about badges: )  But you can't really print that, per se.

My apologies,  @smoss ‌; I edited your image to ensure that there was no chance of information that might identify specific students being revealed here.

Thanks, Ken.  This is annoying because I am not sure how SIS IDs are generated.  I need to be able to provide a written report to the administration for individual students upon request.  

That indeed would be something that your IT area may know about, though it sounds like your institution is trying to ascertain a way of using Canvas without IT support judging from your post, so unfortunately there may not be a good final answer for this.  Generally, the SIS ID is generated by the student information system that your (here's that word again....) IT department uses.  For a general idea of some examples of such systems, check here:  Does Canvas integrate with my student information system (SIS)? 

You raise an excellent point, however, in that without that SIS ID there's not much  you can do.   I don't want to get too carried away tossing ideas out, but you may want to consider joining the Canvas Engagement Strategies Group (Canvas Engagement Strategies ) by heading to that link and clicking JOIN, or perhaps you can convince the powers-that-be to get IT buy-in and they can check out the SIS & Integrations users group (SIS & Integrations ). 

I might add that the Roll Call/Attendance tool has long been in need of an overhaul, as a keyword search in the Community in general would soon indicate!  I see that you just recently created your own Feature Idea, but you may be interested in reading the rather l-o-n-g list of comments that followed this one: .  To say the least, it has been a hot topic.