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Availability of NEW Quizzes in Free For Teachers Accounts

Is it known yet (as of May 12, 2021), when NEW Quizzes will be available in the Free For Teachers Accounts?

The last updates I was able to find were:

June 22, 2018,  August 29, 2019, September 30, 2020  -  @ErinMcMillan



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Community Team
Community Team

Hello @rgarcelon 

According to our Canvas Account Comparison PDF, Canvas-enabled LTIs like New Quizzes are still unavailable in Free for Teacher accounts.

Community Participant

Thank you @ctitmus,

The  Canvas Account Comparisons PDF is a informative Summary document for FFT that I was not aware of.
Although, if that is the most recent update, it is from almost a year ago, and after @erinhmcmillan last update from Sept 2020.

Do you know who at Instructure might have an approximate timeframe of when NEW Quizzes will be available in FFT Canvas?

Best Regards,

 - Ray

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