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Badgr Struggles

I'm an admin at a smaller school that's been piloting Canvas this semester. We've been testing out various LTIs, including Badgr. In the last semester, we've had a few situations where Badgr needs to be reinstalled and various settings reset in order to solve what Concentric Sky Troubleshooting describes as "rare" incidents that cause the Badges to break in various ways.

Badgr is a pretty great App, but as a smaller school (with a very small LMS team) I'm getting worried about stability. So!

I'm hoping there are choices we can make in implementing and managing Badgr that will make things more stable.

  • We have the LTI installed at the Account level and I wonder if it would be easier to troubleshoot things at the individual course level? If you use Badgr, how do you have it implemented?
  • Are there any common pitfalls you've found that cause Badge links to break, etc? Best practices for this?
  • Any other advice you have around Badges?
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Hi  @alexander_mitch , great question.

We're in our first official semester with Canvas and I just got done setting up Badgr for our new student tutorial course so I can weigh in on my experiences.

We have the Badgr LTI enabled at the account level as well but we have it disabled in the course navigation by default. We have Teachers (or admins) enable it on an "as needed" basis to keep the course navigation as clutter free as possible.

The Badgr Support page was super helpful in answering some questions getting started and I even had to reach out to them for an issue I ran into and they got me squared away in no time.

In order to set up and configure Badgr in a course, you have to have a Teacher role, otherwise you may get a message about upgrading to Badgr Pro.

When setting up and creating badges, use the Badge Studio to create them -- there are plenty of badge shapes and styles. I didn't know about this so I ended up designing all my badges from scratch and then uploading them. My custom badges look nice but I spent way too much time doing that.

I hope that helps and good luck!


I can't figure how to add an image to my Issure's picture. I don't see an Edit button. This is what I see...

327565_badgr 1.jpg

Any ideas?


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We are new in the Badgr world and my first bit of advice is install it firstly on a subaccount where you can test and maintain it.  We first put it on our root account and then everyone wanted to make a badge.  I think the beauty of a badge is the integrity of them so I would start small and get the accreditation structure right first. 

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I'm having issues with my badges being awarded.  Even though students have completed the requirements, badges aren't being given.  What changes need to be made or who do I need to contact?

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Hi Tracie Bosket,

Sorry for the late reply--did you figure out your issue?

I have found success in adding the picture by logging into Badgr itself, not through the LMS and setting everything up there.

Stay home, stay healthy,
Cheers - Shar


When you goto the badgr page in the course, do you see Complete Module under the Type? And is there a Badge listed under Badge?


If the badge is not selected/listed in the badge column then there is no badge to be given.

Otherwise, the Badgr Support is a good place to start looking for answers, like Troubleshooting: Triggering badge awards in Canvas courses.

Stay home, stay healthy,
Cheers - Shar