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Badgr ... is it working for you?

I have been using badges linked to staff CPD for a while now and it is great seeing how excited staff can get about receiving badges. It has given us an insight into how well it will work with students.

I am excited about the following:

1. The layout of badges both in course and in profile. It looks like one of those 'collect them all' sticker books and provides a real incentive for everyone to try and complete everything.

2. It easily lets you link badges to a Module.

3. Tracking of badge completion looks great

4. The leaderboard is fantastic! (if it loads)

However, there have been some issues. The issues that really ruin all of the four points above.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 15.36.57.png

1. Random badges appearing in staff profiles... it's a bit of a mystery as to where they have come from.

2. Slow loading. Reallllly slow loading (if it loads at all). With only 170 people working in it, I am nervous about moving it to full school.

3. Administrator roles not receiving badges. We have various administrator roles and they all complete CPD too, but there have been issues with how they see badges.

4. Not being able to link to Outcomes or Assignments. I understand that this will come in the future though.

5. Whilst leading an INSET with 20 people the other day. Over half could not even access Badgr or it froze.

6. The badge creator being very limited and not allowing you add text to badges.

7. There has been a lack of support from Badgr, with emails often bouncing back.

I am desperate to find a badge issuing LTI that works fully and is reliable enough to launch full school. I like Canvabadges, but even with that there were some issues with how it was giving badges automatically, or not.

Is anyone having similar issues with Badgr? Have you found a way of solving the issues? Would you recommend using a different badge issuer?



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @craigring ​...

I don't really have any answers for you, but I am going to tag  @notto ​from Concentric Sky in my response in hopes that he will be able to help address some of your concerns.  I hope this is helpful to you, Craig.

Thanks Chris, I really appreciate it.

New Member

Hi, Craig

Thanks for reporting errors. Any specific problems with Badgr may also be reported to us directly at which will go into our support queue for processing.

We had an issue with our task processing servers over the weekend, which is now resolved. Performance should be back to normal as far as load times and hanging performance.

As to you other report of badges appearing on staff profiles at random, is this a Badgr issue, or have you integrated a different Badgr product as well? Could you provide a screenshot of this behavior? What is the url of the Canvas account you are using?

The built-in badge graphic creator "Badge Studio" is not full-featured. A full new set of capabilities will be incorporated before the fall. However, images you create in any graphics program and save as square PNGs may be used for badges in Badgr.

Nate Otto

Director, Open Badges, Concentric Sky

Hi Nate,

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I'm really pleased that there are plans for further development of Badgr before the fall. I really am a fan of the way it integrates with courses and profiles. It looks fun, which is great at getting people interested.

I have tried to email the email address you mentioned a few times in the past months, but they have been unable to get through. I will try again though and hope for the best.

I can see that the system is behaving more normally than it did at the weekend. I can access the list of badges now, which is great. We must have had unlucky timing with the CPD session.

The main issue I'm still encountering is random badges appearing in profiles and giving admins badges. Our domain is

I have completed a number of modules in the CPD area and should have a number of badges in my profile, but instead I have the badge pictured below:

badge issue.png

Some of my colleague have also been getting these badges pop up:

badge issue 2.png

I think they may be something to do with my good friend  @GideonWilliams ​' environment. But none of our staff are linked to that.



Community Champion

What! Your staff are stealing our hard earned badges.

These are indeed ours. How have they ended up on your platform - quite bizarre!?

Community Champion

Hi - just wondering if you managed to resolve some of these issues? We are just starting to look at badges and would be really interested to hear how it is going with Badgr or if you would recommend any of the other platforms? 

We have had a look at Canvabadges but the Explorer compatibility issue could be a problem for us.

Many thanks!


Short answer is yes (for me). Works well and hoping to see some developments with it over the next few months..

I am in Southampton for the holidays. Do you have 30mins for coffee and a chat and I can show you what we are doing? Would be good to find out how Winchester are approaching things. We spent nearly a year on implementation and are having a staggered start from September.


Community Member

Hi Badgr users!

Quick question: I've created multiple issuers in Badgr just to test things out. Once I select an Issuer from the Badges tab within my course it seems like I cannot change (ever) to a different issuer profile. This is true even without having assigned or awarded any badges, as my course has not started. Is this intentional functionality or am I missing something? Thanks!

Hi Gideon - that would be great! I believe you know Helen too, so shall I ask her for your contact details? Look forward to chatting more. Natalie