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How do I set up my class onto canvas

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Hello  @meashk ...

I'm sorry that your question has been sitting out here for over a week without a response.  Can you please give some more details on what you mean by "set up my class"?  Are you wanting to know how to get a Canvas course shell in your school's Canvas environment so that you can start building content?  Are you wanting to know how to create content in your course?  If so, that gets into course building ... and there can be lots to learn ... depending on what types of content you want in your course.  Maybe one of the first things I'd recommend for you is to check out the "Getting Started" area here in the Community.  At the top of any page here in the Community, you will find a "Q & A" menu.  Select that, and then choose "Get Started".  Scroll down a bit, and you'll see a section under "New to Canvas?".  You'll find links to written Guides and tutorial videos that you can watch on how to create content.  If you have specific questions, though, please feel free to post them here.  I'm sure someone from the Community will be able to help answer.  Thanks Kelly.

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