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Batch copy courses into new term without APIs???

I have 50+ courses to copy to new terms.  Is there a way to batch copy courses into new term without APIs??? Canvas Admins

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 @nathan_lawson ,

Someone may have written some software that will make the API calls for you, but there is no way to do this in bulk without using the API. For instance, there was a question in the Community about the Content Migrations and the ability to copy dates, but not all of the dates. In that thread, Use the Content Migration API to copy courses but without their calendar events (or remove them afte..., there is some Python code shared that will do a migration where you pass the source and destination course IDs. You could modify the parameters that it sends if it doesn't do exactly what you need. It's a fairly short segment of code. There may be others out there, I just remember that one because I was involved in the discussion.

Are you opposed to using the API or were you just looking for an easier way?

If it was a Blueprint course that you were trying to distribute to multiple courses, rather than individual courses that just need copied to a new term, you could use the courses.csv file with the SIS Import functionality to do this.

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Not sure of your context, but would a SIS Import do what you want?

If the courses and term have SIS IDs you just have to prepare a csv file and upload it. 

Even easier if the courses are already all in the same term as you can do a course export first for that term, edit the file, and then upload it.