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Benchmark statistics

Does anyone have any benchmarks or stats that they are able to share with us:

  • How much time are students logging in to complete their learning experience each week, or each year?
  • When are students most likely to be accessing their course?  Day of the week, time of day etc
  • What is the login rate per course

We are a relatively new user of the platform (executive education), and have been gathering our own data of course, but want to see if there are certain benchmarks for online learning.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @k_ryall , could you provide more information about your students and courses? Are you K12, Community College, 4 year College? What is the size of your enrollment? What types of courses are you including? Online only or hybrid and traditional? Not that any data wouldn't be interesting, but to really compare you'd want data from a similar institution. 

Hi there Kona

We are a business school, and work in the field of executive education, mainly leadership courses for adults at executive level (or close to).  Businesses wishing to 'transform their managers into leaders'.  Content is all about leadership, team work, improving self, lots of reflections etc.  80% of this learning is supposed to be via the platform, with group coaches checking in on the students and offering guidance at set times during the learning experience.  Students who complete the course work on the platform (tracked by module requirements) are 'rewarded' with being invited to attend a face-to-face workshop with the facilitators (teachers) and their coaches.  Approx 150 students in this first cohort.  Future cohorts to have around 200 pax.  We are trying to work out what is 'normal' when it comes to online learning, but do understand that comparing apples to apples may not be possible in our case.  Let me know if you need more info.


Community Coach
Community Coach

Thanks for the information! I'm going to go ahead and share this with the and‌ groups in the Community to see if they can help. In addition, because there is no right/wrong answer to this question I'm going to go ahead and flip it to a discussion. 🙂

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I've done some training via Canvas to show teacher's new teaching methodologies. Some of this material was done on their own and some of it they went through in person with our team. I can pull some stats on that if you'd like