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Best Kept Secrets - for Students!

While a lot of great ideas have been shared about best kept secrets for faculty, what are your best tips and tricks to give to STUDENTS? I write a newsletter to students at the start of every term with something helpful they might be able to use that they may have overlooked.  Things like the What-If tool, marking courses as favorites, etc.  What are some other tips you have (read: I'm out of ideas for my newsletter).

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Thanks to Kona Jones for all of her great ideas. I thought it would be nice as a handy .pdf with links. 😉

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I would add to Kona's number 5, above, to make sure students know how to view and download the annotated PDF that crocodoc produces, which is also covered in the link that Kona provided.  Students do not realize that if they resubmit, say, a second draft of an assignment that they can no longer view their earlier submission or--more importantly--the instructor comments on that first submission.

I didn't realize #7 is possible, that you can reenter a quiz if you are booted out.

Regarding your number 10 - do you know if Blackboard has this feature?


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So, I'm working on a course with help documentation students can access if they need to. I'm planning on adding tips and tricks now (thanks for all the great ideas), and I thought of one more to add to everyone's list, if applicable to you and your organization.

When students contact our Help Desk or Canvas or me, they are often vague about the issue. To help limit the back and forth emails, I came up with a checklist of sorts.

--If you contact the Help Desk or Canvas for support needs, please include the following in your email / ticket. This will help expedite your request.

  • Your Canvas username / ID
  • The course and section
  • The browser you're using
  • The device you're using (PC, Mac, iPad, etc.)
  • The error message, if applicable
  • Screenshots, if possible
  • Detailed description of the issue


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Community Coach

No idea (we came from Angel), but it's pretty awesome!

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Another advantage for using Chrome is in assignments that use file uploads for submissions type. With Chrome you get a % status on the bottom left of the browser window as you are uploading. Bigger files sometimes take awhile and students frequently navigate away or they think it is broke. Otherwise I'd say both browsers are a pretty close tie for reliability.

One of my favorite things going from ANGEL to Canvas was that I could finally have many many tabs open and not get kicked out!


For about a year (just last year), Chrome barely worked in Canvas following a major Chrome update.

We have been in Canvas more than four years, and have found Firefox to be the most stable.


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The best reason I can think of regarding Firefox vs Chrome would be BigBlueButton.

Chrome stopped supporting PAPI, which broke BigBlueButton, forcing us to direct users to Firefox.

I have spoken to BigBlueButton about this, and they said to expect a Chrome compatible fix for this issue by end of year.