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Best Kept Secrets - for Students!

While a lot of great ideas have been shared about best kept secrets for faculty, what are your best tips and tricks to give to STUDENTS? I write a newsletter to students at the start of every term with something helpful they might be able to use that they may have overlooked.  Things like the What-If tool, marking courses as favorites, etc.  What are some other tips you have (read: I'm out of ideas for my newsletter).

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For #11, if they are using the Respondus LockDown Browser to take a quiz, they should not be able to Copy-n-Paste their answers.  It locks them into one browser screen, until they complete the test.  However, if you could take a picture of your answer, that would work in this instance.

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One of the recurring problems I see for brand new users (both students & faculty) is when one or more courses do not appear in their Dashboard... and they don't know about "favoriting" the courses they want to appear there.  I review our Service Cloud tickets and I am pretty sure this fall there will be a bunch of users frantically contacting the Help Desk because their courses "aren't in Canvas."

The other recurring problem, but for faculty, is understanding about Published & Unpublished items.  Especially when published items are included in an unpublished module or page.  *Someone could probably use Storyline to create a simple training routine where you have to publish/unpublish items/modules to have them appear or disappear as desired.

Do you use Delicious ?  You can tie it to your Canvas Profile and you do not have to remember which browser?

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Students can get helpful information quickly.