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Best Practice for "Practice Quizzes" or "Drills"

In some of my courses the students need to practice an exercise many times before performing the task for a grade.   I have created practice quizzes that draw from banks of questions so that the students may "drill" on those tasks.  I've created those drills as practice quizzes with 25 questions worth 4 points each, so students may see their score and judge how well they are doing.  It's a good way to prepare them for taking the actual graded quiz.  I also do this with exercises they will eventually turn in on paper for grading.

However, students seem to get confused as to which quizzes are going to the gradebook and which are not, even though I have the word "drill" in the title of the practice quizzes.  This has happened with paper assignments as well, not turning in an assignment because they thought the practice quiz in canvas WAS the assignment.  I think they get accustomed to looking towards the right for number of points an assignment is worth.

I am considering simply removing all points from any practice quizzes/drills so students will not be confused, but I don't like giving up the opportunity for them to see their score as they practice.

Does anyone have suggestions for ways to make it more clear for students?   Some sort of coloring system in the modules would be great--Red for graded, green for ungraded, blue for just info. . .   But that's not available.

Or maybe start each graded assignment with an asterisk in the title?

Open to ideas. . .

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Community Champion

If the quizzes are all drawing from the same question banks, could you use one quiz for  a grade and allow the students to take it as many times as they like until they achieve a reasonable grade? Alternatively, you could give them a set number of attempts: 3, 5, or whatever you decide.

I hope that helps, Don!

Community Coach
Community Coach

I basically do something like that in my Statistics course. It's not unlimited attempts, but the students get 5 attempts and the highest score is the one that counts.