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Best way to train students on how to use Canvas?

We are about to roll out Canvas school-wide. Teachers have been trained and are ready to go. We have a good plan in place for parents. How have other schools introduced the platform to students? (We have about 1500 students in grade 6 through 12.)

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Kerry, our tech department started the school year by going into every English class the 2nd and 3rd days of school. We did an overview of Canvas and the student side of using it. I would say the hardest part for the students was inconsistencies of usage from teacher to teacher. For instance: set expected "due date" times, we also later adopted a key legend when creating assignments and how it shows on the student calendar (Q-quiz, HW-homework, etc), lastly...if teachers didn't use it often it was hard for students to know what to do because it seemed new each time. We have also purchased Respondus Lockdown Browser and it feels like it causes more questions than Canvas for the students. Happy to talk further! We definitely learned some things the hard way. Will your parents have observation accounts? That has been the hardest part for us. The transparency of seeing immediate grades that might not be correct in the gradebook until after handwritten portions of the exams are graded. We definitely have learned to utilize the mute in the gradebook view!