Blind Grading for Draft and Final Papers

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Looking for a solution to allow students to turn in a draft and a final paper and grade both anonymously (without seeing student names.)

We have students turn in a paper, get comments and a grade and then they turn back in a rewrite of the paper. If we use the anonymous grading function on Canvas, it unblinds the student when we give them the first grade. So, we then know who the student is for the rewrite.Perhaps there is an add-in we could use?

Thank you!


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Hi @LegalEd

Thanks for posting your question. If I'm understanding correctly, you want to post two grades for students: one for their draft submission and one for their final draft submission? Or, at the very least, you'd prefer to provide comments on a first submission, post grades, and then hide grades and allow for a second submission? 

Either way, it sounds like your best option might be to create two separate assignments. The first anonymously graded assignment would be for draft submissions where you could post comments (and potentially grades) to students. If you want to exclude the draft assignment grade from the gradebook, you can select that option when creating the assignment. 

Then you could then duplicate the draft assignment and edit it to specify that it is for final draft submissions (and de-select the option to exclude from the gradebook). 

Theoretically, this isn't a perfect solution for anonymous grading since you could dig through the first assignment submissions and match up attempts. However, uncovering the student-assignment associations becomes a more involved task rather than a direct association. 

Hopefully this helps. Please reach out if you have follow-up questions or if there's anything else we can help with. 


-Allie D.


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