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Block downloading of embedded video files

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Does anyone know of a way to block students from downloading a video file embedded in a Content Page?


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Also while the Canvas embedded video is playing, you can right-click and pull up the submenu with the option to Save this file. :smileyshocked:

Hehehe I did that just this week when something screwy happened with an embedded video in a course I did not create. So I grabbed the videos and re-uploaded them and pretended that I used magic tricks to make it happen. :smileysilly:

SaveVideoAs displays on right-click while video is playing

In fact, one of my coworkers made a feature request last year  about the ability to download the videos while it's playing from the Canvas embedded player.

And if someone really wanted a video, they could always record a screencast of the video playing on their computer. I confess to doing that for a 15-second clip of a movie scene in a previous life.

Cheers - Shar

Yep! Totally always a work around for these type of things. Its almost an art form. Smiley Wink 

I guess it comes down to, what was the original issue that  @kstewart3 was referring to? Was it simply that students are accidentally clicking it (which I've done many times) and its simply an annoyance factor, or are we legally trying to prevent students from downloading the content? 

If you've got any clarifications, feel free to send them here, Kate! As you can see, we're all up and open for conversation. Smiley Happy 

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 @kmeeusen ‌ and Deactivated user‌,

To keep access limited to students in a single term with a cloud-like service would require us to be constantly creating and updating permissions to limit access to the correct people at the correct time. The simpler solution is to keep access controlled through the Canvas section itself since those permissions are already in place.


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I used the "Record/Upload Media" button to add the video so students click on the little preview picture to expand and open the video. The problem is that students can right-click and download the file.

The videos in question are exam content related and we have a constant ongoing struggle with third parties trying to steal our content. I understand that is someone really wants to make a copy of the content they'll find a way. We just want to make that process something that's not simple to keep honest students honest and make it harder for those trying to steal content.

 @kstewart3 , This really brings up something that could be a new feature idea. Perhaps you could create an idea in the‌ space about allowing for an embed option that does not give students the option to download the content? Not sure if that's feasible or not, but it's worth a shot. As  @kmeeusen and  @kblack mentioned, its difficult in digital age to restrict anyone from getting content, but we can try to make it difficult for others to do so. Smiley Happy

 @kstewart3 ‌, I've marked your response containing the link to the new feature idea "Correct," not because it provides a solution (which we all recognize it does not), but rather because it is indeed the answer; this currently can't be done in Canvas and needs to be the subject of a feature idea.

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Unfortunately you are never going to be able to prevent people downloading, recording, grabbing or streaming content if they wish. There is always a work around, a hack or a plugin that will rip the content or format-shift it to another device. 

I would suggest that you watermark any content so that it makes it harder to repurpose... 

Quick question though. Why would you want to prevent them downloading the videos themselves? It is like asking students not to photocopy pages out of a book?


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The videos in question are exam related and we are constantly dealing with 3rd party companies who want to create test prep materials to sell to our students.