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Blocked download in canvas from an extension

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I keep getting this message when i try to download a file that is on my page in commons

cartridge-manager-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net is blocked

I have shared the page to commons and it has 6 files associated with it. The files are on the original canvas page in the canvas course. How can I get around this problem as I want schools in my system to be able to use  the page and its file contents in their own courses?


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Hi @pblanch 

Let me make sure I have this correct - in a Canvas course you have a page, and that page includes links to 6 files also in that Canvas course. You have shared that page on Commons, and want the 6 linked files to also share.

Not going to happen! Sorry!

The files are in your course, not in that page. All that page has are links that point to content in your classroom for which those other teachers do not have access.

I would suggest creating a Canvas export package, send the package to the other schools, and instruct them to just import the one page and it's associated files.


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