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Blueprint Files are Finicky

Greetings Canvas savants! 

We came across an issue with Blueprints, Syncing and files. 

Course coordinators are building out their BP courses, and uploading files, however, when they link the files onto specific pages, they can link 1 file 1 time per page. Files cannot be linked more than once on one page, and cannot be linked on other pages; if they are linked more than once, when the BP is synced with the associated course(s) those files will appear as: 
File error

Of course, editing the associated course page will disrupt the syncing from the BP - so do not edit the link in the associated course. 

The workaround is that if you have a file that you need to link more than once from the BP into the associated courses, you have to upload the file more than once using the file upload manager widget while editing the page. Of course, this can create a mess in the files section of the course. 
File upload manager

Of course, also, you cannot mess with the module in the associated course either. I had a coordinator think that she could delete the module from the associated course, re-sync the BP, and the module would be all fixed. This was not a viable solution as sometimes the syncs would not always function properly.  

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