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Blueprint and SIS Imports


So we do an SFTP upload of CSVs to get our SIS data into Canvas.  We pass course dates through the CSVs, overriding the Term dates.  We also use blueprints as a template for our courses, which includes the front page, 2 modules, and several pages (course settings are default with nothing in dates).  Both work independently but we're having an issue where course dates are being blanked out.  I can see the correct dates in the CSV but it looks like once the blueprint is applied, the dates go blank.

Just wondering if others have had a similar experience.  We'd like to solve this so we don't have to go in and add dates (or reimport our CSV to override UI changes) for future semesters. 



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there, @Justin_Reynolds ...

We have a few courses that are blueprint courses as well.  While I don't think we do a SFTP upload, I may have some insights on why the dates may be showing up blank.  When you assign a course as a blueprint course, I would assume that this particular course does not have any course start or end dates configured on the course "Settings" page.  But, once you sync that blueprint course (let's call that the "parent" course), the "child" courses that used to have the start and end dates populated now have blank start and end dates.  This has happened to us as well because the blueprint is syncing the "Settings" page out to all the "child" courses...essentially erasing the dates that had been populated by our SIS import.  Depending on the number of "child" courses, we've either had to manually fix the dates or ask our IT folks to re-upload a SIS import file that includes those start/end dates.

Hope this helps a bit.