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Broken Image links in Module every other time?

Hi everyone-

I've searched around and tried several things but I am stumped on an issue that is happening in a current course. I have built the course by moving chunks of content over from our old CMS, Etudes. I've gone through and cleaned everything up, validated links, viewed it as a teacher and in Student view.

Everything looks good on my end, until...

I get a report from a student that all images in a module are appearing as broken image links. I log in and sure enough they are broken. I start to fix them (reuploading them and saving in module) and after doing the first two the rest show up.

I view it as a teacher and in student view and it looks like they are back. I notify the student, and a day later they say they can see the first two but not the rest. I log in, and sure enough its true. I open the module, leave it, go back, and they appear again. Of course I don't trust it so instead I delete them all and build it by hand (reuploading images and inserting into module)

Is this an issue from content migration? I use a ton of images and need to know if they are not actually coming over (even if they look like they are). Any help is appreciated. Screenshots below:

Logged in, broken image links:

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 6.47.27 AM.png

Second log in, they are just fine:

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 6.51.37 AM.png

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That's odd...

What does the HTML look like for the page, before and after the links fix themselves?

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Interestingly, the first time/second time that it was broken I checked the code for the img src and it was still looking to Etudes. After I deleted everything and rebuilt them they had correct img src links (to the Canvas course). I am left wondering why these did this, and did this happen in more than one Module and I just don't know it yet. Everything came over in the same migration manner. Puzzling.

Community Champion

This isn't necessarily a solution but more of a commiseration.   I had similar issues importing content that linked to files in Canvas.    Many links would break on import.   Canvas support was great, but didn't really have a solution.  There isn't really an API for linking to Canvas files on import.

The solution I came up with was to host all content off-Canvas instead of linking to Canvas files.  As long as you use a secure (https) host, the links will always work and won't have to be updated if you copy or move the assignments/pages around.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @jlvaughn ! It's been awhile since we last heard from you. Did one or more of the responses above help resolve your issue with broken images? For now, I will mark this question as "Assumed Answered"; that will not prevent you or others from responding. If there is a single workable solution posted here, please mark that answer as "Correct"--and if you arrived at a different solution, please take a moment to update the thread. Thanks!

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So, this is an old thread, but I experience this from time to time, but a ton this morning.  Content has all been created in Canvas, put into our domain's Canvas Commons, and imported into my own course.  Image links are breaking after I come back to them. I delete the break and just go over to the image link library and re-click it. Image shows up fine. 

It's not consistent. 

<!p><!img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="" alt="Mendez_bull_470.png" width="285" height="204" data-api-endpoint="" data-api-returntype="File" /></p>

((exclamation points at tag beginning are added by my for this excerpt))

It's not image source since many of the breaks have been my own images.  I don't see this often, but a lot in this particular course. 


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Hello. I am convinced that this has to be the XML generated by AWS for the files. It probably has the X-Amz-Expires in the default 3600 sec, which is equivalent to 1 hour. You can change this value to for example 604800 (7 days), which is the maximum. You can get more information about this on: Authenticating Requests: Using Query Parameters (AWS Signature Version 4) - Amazon Simple Storage Se... 

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Hello! This is also happening to me, and my students. I find that I have to reload the page, then the images magically appear. Johan sounds like he has a solution, but I am really not sure how to implement "XML generated by AWS." 

Canvas folks: Is there a solution?

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As far as I know, when this happens, I've been instructed to have students clear their cookies and it seems to solve the problem for a while.  Unfortunately, that is the workaround for the moment.  Smiley Sad