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Broken Images After Uploading

Some of the images I am uploading show up as broken and do not display. I have tried multiple work arounds like trying to use screen shots, moving my images from the flashdrive to the hard drive, saving as different files like png.  I haven't had any issues in the past.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

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I haven't seen this issue lately. I just did a test and uploaded images load fine for me now. Just curious. Have you tried a different browser? 

I have found the same problem as you Kimberly. Clearing my cache only works for a short time - I don't think 5 to 12 year olds (who I teach) would be able to do this at their end. Clicking refresh about 4 or 5 times usually works but is that a good standard for a LMS? 

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Sadly yes, I have tried a lot of different things. I even tried a couple of the workarounds offered in other conversations.

Below is a copy of the response I received from my support ticket. I tried most all of these suggestions.  

Thank you for contacting Canvas Support. Sorry you are having problems with your embedded images in your course. I am happy to help you with this, I have looked into this issue and I am not experiencing the same behavior. 
I would suggest these trouble shooting methods:
Update your browser - updating your browser may fix any problems you have with Canvas, please see this guide on which browsers are supported by Canvas
Clear your browser history - Clearing your browser history, cookies and cache helps with accessing web pages which are causing you problems. Please refer to these guides, How to clear cache on PC or How to clear cache on MAC
Open Chrome in Incognito Window - Opening Chrome in Incognito Window will disable any Chrome Extensions/Plugins. This will help us identify if it is a browser related issue. 

Here is how to access an "Incognito Window":
Try using a different PC - If you have access to a another PC or Mac, try viewing the Canvas page there and see if you get similar issues, if you do not get any issues, we can assume it may be an issue with your computer settings.
Check your Internet Connection -  If you are using wireless, try connecting to cable if you can.
I hope this resolves the issue for you. Let me know if you have any questions!

Have a great day!

Kind regards,
(name redacted)
L1 Support


Since this appears to be an ongoing issue (I guess since Ocober 2017 - and resurfacing now), I feel that even if some one of these suggestions had worked, I can't really expect my freshman (and usually new to Canvas) students to to be running through these options when trying to do work in my course Smiley Sad.  

You might try talking to your local support and see if they can arrange a meeting/email with your school's customer success manager. Whenever I have issues I can't solve I get our CSM involved. They can work with Canvas support to get to the bottom of the issue. 

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Hi Susan,

I appreciate all your feedback. I will check with my tech people, Sadly, the last time asked about contacting our CSM (a couple of weeks ago) I was told that we don't currently have one ("is in transition"). But perhaps that has changed now.

Thank you.

Good news! After further correspondence with L1 Operations Canvas Support, I just received the following email: 

"Thank you for clarifying that you've attempted the browser steps. After further investigating, I was able to recreate the same behavior. Unfortunately I haven't found a root cause yet, so I've notified our engineers of this situation and they've created a work ticket to narrow down this issue. I've attached this message to the engineers work ticket. That way, once there's a resolution, you'll be notified through email." So perhaps this will be resolved soon. Yay! I will post an update when I hear back from Engineering.

Thank you 🙂 It would be great to have this fixed!!! I had to keep clicking refresh 3 or 4 times almost every time I clicked on a new page today. The images would be there then they would disappear again.

We've noticed this with some of our teachers too. It will be good to know what they say!

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Hope this gets fixed soon. I am administering quizzes and tests for math whose graphs and diagrams are not visible to the students.

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This is actually not fixed....just had this happen to my Alg 2 Honors teacher during EXAM week.  Here's the response I got from canvassupport‌

Quoted from a Canvas L1 Support Agent: "This is a follow-up to our call earlier. You had students in a quiz that weren't seeing the images but the instructor could or vise versa. All the images were there and working when the instructor added them to the quiz and they are still in the course without having had anything change with them. I'd actually been talking to one of my next level agents about this very behavior and how he was working with others about looking into this prior to our call. During our call I talked to him again and he was able to help me find the tracker that was created about this behavior that we can add you to as we investigate.

We've seen people link the images again and it shows fine but when accessing where the file is linked it will again shows the image name or a broken image. We've seen some users that log out and back in then the image shows for a short time but others that it doesn't start showing like it should. We have seen some people that while accessing different pages in the course it shows again then doesn't again. It's not happening with just quizzes either, it could happen anywhere there is an image linked. At this point in the investigation we haven't found a work around the make it so the images will stay showing as they should be. Not having a work around does mean that we don't currently have a way to make it so the students would be able to see all the images while taking the quiz.

 I'm still sending it to the next level like we talked about so they can check on it some more."


How many others are seeing this issue?  I didn't hear that they attached my ticket to open cases or that there are multiple instances of this error.