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Bug Report: Question grades lost when switching from "Grade By Question" to regular grading

Note to users.  To avoid loosing any grades you've entered in "Grade By Question" mode (still Beta after 6+ years), it appears you *must* hit click on "Update Score" for each and every student.  If you don't, your previous grading efforts will be lost.

Another example of the fine, teacher oriented software design of Canvas.



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Hello there, @mikeg ...

I am not completely sure I would consider this a bug within Canvas.  In doing some searching in the Canvas Guides, I found this documentation:

How do I grade one quiz question at a time in SpeedGrader? 

You'll notice that underneath the heading "Assign Grade" (and the accompanying image under the heading), the following sentence reads (highlighting is my own):

"To assign a grade for a question or to revise the grade for an automatically graded question, enter the score in the points field [1], then click the Update Scores button [2]."

So, based on this information, this process would be "by design".

If you want to see this behavior changed within Canvas, then you'd want to consider submitting a Feature Idea here in the Community so that other members here could also evaluate it and determine if this is something they would also like to see changed in Canvas.  Here are some documents for you to look through:

Hopefully this helps to clarify things.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks.

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Regardless of what the documentation says, given that the question indicator at the top of the page turns from blue to grey without actually saving the grade, I'll stick to my classification as a bug.

As for asking for a new feature, I have yet to see any value in such an effort given the lack of response to old request for basic things like

  • polling students
  • ability to search across discussion boards
  • ability to upload csv files for
    • attendance
    • group formation
    • peer assignments, ... 

I'll pass. Thanks for the suggestion, though.