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Bugs in Office 365 LTI inside people/groups - eg. freezing pages / comments

Hi there, has anyone else had issues with the stability of Office 365 LTI in Canvas Collaborations (in your main site or inside People/Groups)? We use collaborative writing here at the Centre for English Teaching, the University of Sydney, and during our tests 5 different teachers (in different rooms, on different days, with different computers) have had issues such as pages freezing when loading, comments freezing, one teacher was sent to a log-in page for a different university, or in my case I was able to add 4 students to a group doc but then couldn't add the other students to other groups as the system just froze. At this rate of bug reporting, we're likely to recommend teachers to use G-docs instead, even though that means having to get a lot of International students to get gmail accounts when they start here - an added chore we'd prefer not to have to do. Canvas has a few quirks that we've had to work around but this is the worst bug I've encountered by far.     

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We've currently investigating some issues with mutiple students in the same group creating a collaboration that caused a set of connection problems.  So far we've been told of a user time-out problem, but its unclear.

I'm from Swinburne in Melbourne, but I'm sure we're using the same localised LTI hosting for the Office intergration you are.

- Mark

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