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Good morning,

I am trying to build a Weekly Lab Grading Rubric and under the Criteria I am putting the days of the week and under rating I am putting 5 different categories each worth 4 points. I want to be able to click on each one "IF" the students meet the requirements to give them  4 points and if they do not meet it I do not click on it and they get nothing for that particular category. Lets say they met all of the categories for that particular day they would get a total of 20 for Monday and the next day so forth and so on. Since there are 5 days of the week, by the end of the week again "IF" they met all categories I would like each day to total a 100. The problem I am having is it will only give me a total of 4 for Monday because it is not adding each category it is only allowing me to select one category for Monday, one for Tuesday and so on. Is there a way I can accomplish this in Canvas rubrics?

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The rubric does not allow for multi-selection on a criterion. This is how I would set it up.

Create your criteria like before (Monday through Friday), but make the categories something like - Met 5 categories (20), 4 categories (16), Met 3 categories (12), Met 2 categories (8), Met 1 category (4), Met no categories (0).

You could list the categories in the description or assignment instructions. You could put in the comment of the selected result which they met.

You will make a single selection for each day. Make sure to check the box "use this rubric for assignment grading" also.


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If you need to give specific feedback about the categories met, I would create it as a checklist, with a Meet/not meet score for each category.  It would be a long list, but it would allow you to give more specific feedback. 

For example:

Monday: Category 1 - Meet/not meet

Monday: Category 2 - Meet/not meet

Monday: Category 3 - Meet/not meet

Monday: Category 4 - Meet/not meet

Monday: Category 5 - Meet/not meet

Tuesday: Category 1 - Meet/not meet

Tuesday: Category 2 - Meet/not meet


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