Building an LTI App without eduapp center whitelisting

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I've been tasked with building an app to create microsoft Team teams from classroom groups in canvas. Unfortunately it looks like the current app from MS only does meetings. In reading about the app building process i noticed i need to use an LTI app and after boostraping one from an older app, i found i couldn't add it to our canvas sandbox cause it is using eduapps whitelisting. So my question is two-fold (and coming form a non-canvas developer so please forgive me if its obvious). 

1) Is an LTI the only good way to create an app that will allow an instructor to generate a "Team" by grabbing all the users in a course and handing them off to the appropriate Microsoft API calls?

2) If so, is the eduapps center whitelisting able to be turned off completely for development on a sandbox instance of Canvas?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is obviously something with a tight deadline (need to have it ready in a few weeks) so i'll continue looking for answers elsewhere and if i come up with a solution i'll share here.