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From my understanding, the page below (Edit Assignment Dates) can only edit assignment available/due/until dates for sections. In this page, can differentiated assignment available/due/until dates be assigned for sections when no dates have been assigned to assignments? Is there a way to streamline assigning dates to multiple assignments for multiple sections? As it stands now, seems like instructors are to add dates to assignments from each assignment when using sections to differentiate dates. Can a feature be added to the page below, where one can add a section and dates for that particular section? Is there a way to do this via import?




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Hi Daniela,

I read through this guide and tried it out, and, yes, "You can also view and edit differentiated due dates for students, sections, and groups [4]."    But you cannot, from this page, Add dates for multiple sections (only view and edit).

This is a really great guide:  




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