CANVAS Completely Ignoring Serious Technical Issues

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I recently posted about a glitch in the Canvas Calendar (it lists quizzes by their end date versus their start date causing confusion and students missing their quiz in such confusion). My post was immediately merged with a post on the exact same issue from 2017. 

I have a class of 1,500 students at the University of Toronto and this issue has caused hours of problems to resolve and will continue to do so. How are we supposed to get issues fixed or have faith in this board/Canvas if our legitimate issues are grouped with posts stating the same problem 4 years earlier? 

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Instructure Alumni

Thanks for sharing your feedback about the Idea Conversations process, @MitchellMcIvor . Due dates display on the Canvas Calendar by design; we fully understand that you are not happy with the design, but it is not a glitch. The idea into which we merged your new submission remains actively-monitored and open for conversation. Keeping similar ideas unified under a single conversation thread assists both members and developers in devising appropriate solutions.

The feature development process is outlined in What is the feature development process for Instructure products? and you'll see information about the Idea Conversations forum in How do idea conversations work in the Canvas Community?. If you'd like to provide additional feedback, we encourage you to discuss it with your school's Customer Success Manager if you're the named admin for your school.

Thanks for participating in the Instructure Canvas Idea Conversations forum. 

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