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CANVAS Groups - Where Can I Go for Direction?


First of all, thank you for your support.

This year, I'm exploring new ways for students to collaborate online.

I'm asking my student groups to collaborate on six assignments throughout the course of the semester that they could share in Canvas Groups.

Here is my question for you today:

* My first assignment is for each group to establish an "About Us" page - I think it's going to work!

Do you have any advice for groups to design a homepage on Canvas Groups - Can they establish an inviting visual that viewers will see when they CLICK on their link?

Please let me know.  Please let me know of any other interesting activites and/or strategies you may have for students to work together in Canvas Groups.



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Hi Jay! 

Working in groups is labor intensive, but when done well, it can be so rewarding for you and your students!! I really like Canva for creating graphics that are easy and engaging. It has an excellent free version, so you might point your students there. 

I have some other suggestions, but it depends on the grade you're teaching--I teach college, and just presented on using Canvas Groups at Instructurecon. The archives are up, so if you need to see how to set up your groups, you might head to the InstructureCon Recordings.



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There is also a Canvas Live series put together by  @RobDitto ‌ and  @lindalee ‌ called GROUPIES that goes over a ton of ways to utilize groups in Canvas. There is a Quest associated with this series as well, if you are interested in those.