CANVAS and Accredible Issues

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Hey all,

We are working with Accredible for certificates and need some help. It was working fine but today every one is getting a 404 error and I can log into the dashboard directly but within CANVAS I'm getting a you aren't a team member message and won't let me log in. So, are there any Accredible gurus out there? I'm an admin in both systems but we were only allowed to purchase the basic subscription. 

I'd also be interested in what others are using for certificates. The Google Docs option is not an option for us for a couple of reasons. 


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Our university experienced the same. We solved the issue by deleting and adding back the users as admins in Accredible. Ask one of the admin in Accredible to delete your account and add you back. Then you should get an email from Accredible to set the password to move forward. This solved the issue. Hope this helps.

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