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CONFERENCES: Students can't see each other

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Greetings everyone - I am having an issue when meeting with my students in Conferences: They can't see each other. They can see me and I can see them clearly, but as I said before, they can't see each other. Is anyone having the same issue? Any help with this issue will be highly appreciated!

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We opened up Google Hangouts instead. Our quote for Zoom last fall was out of this world and while the product is the best on the market, I also hate that teachers and students are trying to learn so many different platforms for conferencing.....Zoom.....Hangouts......BigBlue Button. Everyone is getting so overwhelmed.

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I got this information from the K12 Team. To me, especially in K12, the price is exorbitant. We are using Zoom (the free version) and Google Meet with no problems. We can also record our sessions and keep the recordings, which we can't do with the free version of BigBlueButton.

"There are two levels of BigBlueButton; the Free Tier and the Premium Tier.  In the Premium Tier, recordings are permanent and include additional features such as breakout rooms and meeting statisticsThe pricing of the Premium Tier is based on capacity of concurrent conferences and is $200/concurrent session/month for a 1 year contract minimum.  Concurrent sessions are calculated as any conferences that are happening in your instance at the same tmThe usage is invoiced monthly so if you were to purchase one concurrent session for the year, but needed to use more than one session for a given month, you would simply be billed for that increased usage for that particular month.  
The graph below outlines the differences between the Free and Premium Tier."
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Is it definitely the case that if we get the paid service students can see each other? I don't see it listed on the list of paid features, either.

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I’ve found that students can see each other when they are in Breakout Rooms.

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I'm not sure, honestly. My director told me to quit looking at it - we just don't have the budget funds to upgrade.

However.....if you make students moderators on the left, then they CAN see each other - as long as their webcams are allowed.

Worked pretty slick with an AP Language Arts class yesterday. Happy to hear  @ccarpenter5 ‌'s news about breakout rooms, too, but I'm not sure I want to throw one more thing at my teachers.

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I sent an email to Canvas K12 Support yesterday to clarify. This is what they told me.

Students CAN see each other in Breakout Rooms in both the free and paid versions.
Students can NOT see each other in the main room in both the free and paid versions.

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Must explore. Thank you!

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This thread has been extremely helpful! I knew about the amount of concurrent conferences was limited, but had no idea the viewing of user webcams was too. Had an instructor ask me about why their students couldn't see each other, messed with it myself a bit and couldn't figure out what was going on, and this thread was able to help me answer their question and give them a type of workaround.

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One way to let students see each other is to share the teacher's conference screen. If I adjust the "Screen Share" window on my conference screen to its smallest point, and disable the chat and close that pane. Doing this I have been able to show 15 of the kids at one time. There is a big of a lag that gets a little worse the more cams you have going. I tell the students to click "Make screen share full screen" (4 arrows). Otherwise, the window is pretty small on their end.

We did find out though, in the recordings, the students' webcams that are enabled are visible.

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How were you able to share the teacher's Conference screen without getting infinity mirrors? Your workaround sounds intriguing for my small classes, but if I share my window with the presentation and chat box, we go down in flames with images like this:

Infinity Mirror_ a picture of a picture of a picture, with endless involution