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Calendar Recurring Events and Immediate Multiple Notifications


I have a teacher using the calendar to create recurring events. She tells me that every time she does this, the students will receive multiple notifications, all at the same time, regarding the event. For example:

  • Teacher creates an event called "Study for Unit Test" and repeats over 7 days
  • Students immediately receive 7 separate notifications, all at the same time, regarding this event

I understand that each event is actually a separate event (if you change it, you must change each one). So is this the expected behavior, then?

Thank you!


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Community Coach
Community Coach


I want to apologize for it taking so long for the initial response.  Did you happen to open a ticket with Canvas Support regarding this issue?  It doesn't look like anyone in the community has any experience with this issue at this time.


No, I didn't open a ticket, but I can do that. Thanks  @Robbie_Grant 

Community Team
Community Team

Hello, nlatimer! It's been over a month since we last heard from you. Would you take a moment to update us on the response you received from Canvas Support? For now, I will mark this question as "Assumed Answered"; however, it will not prevent you or others from responding. Thanks!

Community Champion

I apologize, stefaniesanders

With so many things going on at the end of the school year, I neglected to remember to submit a ticket on this. I have not talked to the teacher about it in a long time, either. Not sure if I should still submit a ticket, as no one else seems to have experienced this problem...?

nlatimer​, that's up to you. If it's no longer an issue for the teacher, and no one else has experienced it, I'd be inclined to let it pass. :smileysilly: If it should happen again, though, I recommend that you ask the teacher to start the support case herself by clicking on the Help button in the Global navigation directly from her own calendar, and ask her to advise those students who are receiving multiple notifications to do likewise from wherever they see the multiple notifications in Canvas. Opening the cases in that fashion captures metadata that helps Canvas Support troubleshoot problems.