Can Canvas identify and monitor underperforming students

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I am looking at a cohort of 200 students being taught the same course content in five different classes. The content is mainly technical and will be consistent across all of the classes. Each weekly class will have a graded quiz based on the 
content delivered in that week’s class.

Is it possible to have Canvas automatically identify and monitor any underperforming students (i.e. not passing the weekly test) across the whole of the course's cohort, and within each individual class?

Is it possible to have Canvas create a list or a group so that those students can be offered extra resources, preferably via canvas?

Many thanks in advance for your time and answer.

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Hi @PaulShadbolt 

Canvas does not currently include this functionality, although there are third-party apps available that can, like DropOut Detective. There are some limited things that can be done by your Canvas Admin using the Report feature, but it is clumsy at best.

You could create a new Idea Conversation in this community for this functionality.

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Hi, Paul -- As Kelly mentioned, Dropout Detective can allow schools to build a dashboard of just those 200 students.  Every night, we'll retrieve data on how those students are performing across those five courses, and we'll automatically identify underperforming students.  If you'd like to know more, please feel free to respond to me here, or to visit the AspirEDU partner page in the "Analytics/Advising" category.     ---  Chris

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