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Can I Show Images from Bookmarked Question Bank from a Separate Course?

I built an exam (Quiz in Canvas-speak) using question banks in one of my sections. When I made the question banks for the quiz, I bookmarked them.

Then, I went over to a different Canvas course, and made another quiz, using the bookmarked question banks.

My students are taking the test now, and the students in the second section cannot see the images embedded in the questions that came from the bookmarked question bank.

I looked at the Quiz Statistics view from the quiz in the second course, and checked the URL for the images. They are all stored in subdirectories of the other section. They show up fine when I view them, but of course my students do not have access to the subdirectory for another section, so they can't see the image.

Is there any way around this? It was driving me nuts copying question banks from one section to another, and I thought bookmarking was the solution. Is there a way to make the question banks truly portable? Or should this be a bug report?

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