Can I add a VitalSource LTI link in the left navigation of a course?

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Hello, I need to add a link in the left side of the course that takes the student directly to their VitalSource textbook. We have configured VitalSource LTI integration and we are able to create an item within Modules that will do this. When we add an item to the left navigation using the method described in the link below, the link does not utilize the built-in LTI functionality to send the shared key and secret.

We also tried creating the LTI item in Modules, and then linking the left navigation to that item instead of directly to VitalSource, but the link does not update when we copy the course, which renders it effectively useless for our purposes.

Any advice?

Here is the link referenced above:

Can I add an item to the Course Navigation Menu? 

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Hi, mas. This is possible but not by the end-user of an LTI tool alone. The developer of the LTI tool must make course navigation a placement option and build their tool to support that placement. Then, whoever installs the LTI tool must choose that placement option in the tool settings. So I would recommend working with VitalSource and whoever maintains this tool for your institution to figure out if this is possible currently with that tool, or if it could be an option in the future.

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