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Can I add an interactive video and use is as a quiz?

The likes of H5P and other learning tools can allow for questions to be added within a video. So, the video would pause, and students would be given the opportunity to answer the question based on what they have just heard in the video. 

Can this be done in Canvas and the responses from students be used as answers in a quiz which can be recorded and graded?

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EdPuzzle might interest you. We have a teacher on our campus who swears by it. Integration is very easy. Grades are sent from EdPuzzle to Canvas. 

How do I connect Edpuzzle to Canvas? – Edpuzzle Help Center 

Hello Layne,

Many thanks for this tip, it is really useful.

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Community Coach


We use VidGrid (  ) for our campus video server, and it includes embedded quiz functionality that sends the results back to the Canvas Gradebook.